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BD 0908 - Case Study
BD 0908 Case Studies
Case 1: Commercial multipurpose grease
Customer used 3.5% BD 0908 in a grease. Was able to replace entire EP/antiwear additive combination as well as reduce rust inhibitor level. Saw 4-ball performance increase to 700kg load without failure, which was the maximum that the test could reach. In addition, the cup temperature was reduced from 95°C to 72°C.
Case 2: Another commercial multipurpose grease
Customer included 4% BD 0908 in a calcium sulfonate based grease. A number of physical tests were performed. The four-ball wear scar was 0.35 mm, load wear index was 78, and the weld point was 760. The grease passed seal compatibility and salt water rust tests. The customer decided to compare the new formula that included BD 0908 with the old formula that did not included BD 0908 using an independent lab. The load wear index performed at this lab was 94 for the new formula, compared to 64 for the old formula; showing a dramatic improvement.
Case 3: Engine assembly and break-in lubricant
Customer used 2% BD 0908 in place of traditional anti-wear additive package. Saw 22% improvement in 4-ball performance. Product qualities were dramatically improved with lighter color, lower viscosity, no unpleasant odor, and tolerance to water. Customer subsequently reduced rust inhibitor content. Overall formula cost significantly reduced with improved quality and performance.

BD 0908 - Environmental Advantage
The Environmental Advantage of BD 0908 Technology
DRD Additives’ BD 0908 is a unique lubricant additive based on the latest available technology. It incorporates unique ester lubricity enhancers with boron nanotechnology taking full advantage of the most recent advances in lubricant additive chemical technology.

The ester lubricity agents used in BD 0908 are based upon naturally occurring raw materials and come from renewable resources. The unique combination of base materials results in some remarkable attributes. In addition to good lubricity typically provided by esters, a very strong affinity for metal surfaces is achieved which allows for enhanced lubricity even under conditions in which traditional esters fail. These conditions include high temperatures and pressures. High performance is achieved using these environmentally benign esters under conditions in which potentially hazardous and environmentally undesirable materials such as chlorinated paraffins are usually used. In addition, because of the high affinity for metal surfaces, lower treat rates can be used. Essentially the lubricant containing BD 0908 is targeted to the site in which it is most needed.

The use of boron in lubricants has been well established over the years. Dr. Ali Erdemir at Argonne National Lab was one of the pioneers who did a tremendous amount of work in determining the mechanism of activity of various boron compounds in lubricant applications. There are numerous commercial products containing boron nitride. However, current boron technology suffers from one significant flaw and that is the particle size. The surfaces that interact between to moving metal objects that require lubrication are not smooth. Magnification of the surfaces reveals that there are peaks and valley similar to a mountain range. The mountain peaks are the actual surfaces that contact each other. The surface are is actually very small, and only very small particles can get between the contact points and provide lubrication. Therein lies the advantage of boron nanoparticles.

The combination of esters and boron nanoparticles leads to unique performance. The boron provides exceptional load carrying capability and the esters provide a delivery system to transport the boron to the active site. The combination leads to very low treat rates and diminished depletion. Many additives will deplete by thermal decomposition or other non-productive mechanisms. BD 0908, however, does not deplete unproductively so less needs to be used in the formulation.

Low treat rates, environmental advantages, and strong performance are compelling arguments in favor of the use of BD 0908. The technology is new but it is not unproven. Independent third-party test results have confirmed the effectiveness of the product. In addition to the advantages of using BD 0908 there are additional advantages in the environment in using advanced lubricants. Friction is the thief of energy and reducing friction can provide a means of using energy more efficiently. Using energy more efficiently benefits the planet in many ways that have been well documented.

BD 0938 - Improving Biodiesel Performance
Improving Biodiesel Performance
Biodiesel is unquestionably growing in popularity. It provides a means to reduce dependence on foreign oil. It is derived from a natural resource. The following link to a document published by the Department of Energy provides a great deal of information about the history of biodiesel. You can read it here. Also described are some issues and limitations that are presented by the use of biodiesel.

Two of the limitations presented by biodiesel are reduction in fuel economy and increased NOx emissions. Because of these issues and others, biodiesel is typically used in concentrations of 5% or less. However there is technology that can overcome the problems and allow the use of biodiesel without penalty.

DRD Additives’ proprietary BD 0938 technology provides a means to use biodiesel and still maintain the performance of the fuel without sacrificing fuel economy or increasing emissions. BD 0938 contains a new type of combustion catalyst that enables complete burning of the fuel and maximizing the amount of energy produced by every ounce of fuel. This complete burning also reduces the formation of byproducts such as NOx and particulates and thereby reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

There are products that claim to boost power in diesel equipment. They may contain cetane improvers that increase the cetane value of the fuel. Cetane improver technology has been around for many, many years. BD 0938 is a truly revolutionary product that uses the thermodynamic principles of catalysis to reduce the energy required to completely burn fuel. The energy output is increased because competing reactions to combustion are greatly reduced if not eliminated. This also results in lower emissions of NOx and particulates.

The overall result is smoother, more powerful operation without an increase in emissions. Considering that the reason for using biodiesel in the first place is to protect the environment, why not get the most from your fuel? BD 0938 is the answer.



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