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Industrial Fuel Additives & Lubricants for Diesel and Biodiesel Increase Fuel Efficiency

Enhance fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions of vehicles and machines that use engine lubricants and/or burn gasoline, diesel fuel and other petroleum or bio-based fluids by using DRD Additives products.

Adding a DRD fuel additive or diesel additive to a gas powered or diesel engine will improve performance and help you beat high fuel prices. Our industrial lubricants additives and fuel additives are specialized products, formulated for all applications by industrial chemists and include additives for oil and water-based metalworking fluids, greases, hydraulic fluids, biodiesel, engine oils, and all other types of lubricants. Many of our industrial chemicals represent the latest lubricant additive technology and carry patents.

Test our products for yourself—samples are available upon request. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements; we'll strive to provide effective solutions to your lubricant needs.


DRD Additives, LLC

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DRD Additives LLC formulates and manufactures industrial fuel additives and industrial lubricants additives including diesel fuel additives and gasoline engine lubricant additives. Our products are available for shipping throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.